House... Deconstructed
After a 7th season that I don’t consider good, with a lot of changes during the summer hiatus, I was curious as to how season 8 of House MD was going to start. After only eight episodes I can say, unfortunately for me, not well. The flaws that I saw last year are still here; and I’m afraid that House has now officially become an average, unstable show with uninteresting characters lacking depth. 

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Of the Importance of "The X-Files" in Today's TV Shows

Author’s note: This article is not intended to deny that before The X-Files, Twin Peaks totally revolutionized the world of TV shows twenty years ago. However, this show only got two seasons before being cancelled. I just think that in a way The X-Files took over where Twin Peaks left off and continued the revolution, taking it even further.


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Taub and the Monogamy Theory

In House, Doctor Christopher Taub is struggling to make his marriage to Rachel work. He loves his wife but can’t help cheating on her. While this storyline can be considered as cliché and perhaps even totally hackneyed, I find the way it is treated interesting for what it says about the complicated links between love, sex and human nature. House is one of the rare shows to propose a classical marital problem to really develop a bigger reflection on human beings' nature and couples. According to me that’s what makes Taub’s storyline intellectually stimulating.

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La leçon de piano : l’école de la chair

The Piano de Jane Campion (1993) est un film qui relate quelques temps de la vie d’une femme maumariée dans la Nouvelle-Zélande de la fin du XIXème siècle.
Ce film est intéressant pour ce personnage féminin, muette et chétive, qui va peu à peu se transformer au contact de deux hommes : son mari et un voisin de celui-ci, proche des maoris, qui deviendra son amant.

Ce parcours sexuel est l’âme même du film et c’est cette expérience ainsi que ce qui en résulte que je me propose d’étudier ici.
Le piano du titre n’est ici pas qu’un simple instrument et c’est par celui-ci que les personnages se mettront à nus et vont se découvrir. La « Leçon de piano » du titre français est en réalité une leçon de féminité très forte au temps où se passe le film. Cette leçon aura lieu en plusieurs petites où la pratique du piano sera vite abandonnée. L’héroïne, Ada, à qui appartient le piano, va entreprendre un parcours psychique et sexuel qui fera d’elle une autre femme.
       Je vais donc m’intéresser aux métaphores liées au piano, à la relation charnelle du triangle amoureux et à la femme proprement dite.



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In the first part of my analysis I explained how every arc led to another and how the seasons followed each other. I tried to explain the mechanics of the writings and, doing so, analyzed the inner construction to discover how the show’s narrative was built as a whole. In this second part I’ll try to do the same and to see how the show evolved.

The first three seasons had really well defined arcs that fitted together well in the medical procedural. However, as the show goes on, on its fourth year, the character study overtakes the medical procedural, the show becoming less formulaic.
The seasons 4 to 6 propose a new chapter in the journey into House’s mind, a more intimate and dramatic one. 


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The Curious Case of Allison Cameron

I'm a fan of House. I find it particularly well written. It is very coherent, even one of the most coherent show I ever watched. Sometimes though, some things make less sense than others. As a fan of House, who watches the show as a whole, I like all the characters. Their storylines and trajectories interest me. I think the writers do a great job to make them interact with each other in an interesting way and make them evolve at their own pace.


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Things we can learn watching "The X-Files"
I dedicate this to all The X-Files geeks out there. Did it myself!!

100 things you can learn from "The X-Files":

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Quartier des écrivains : Don't fear the reaper
Have you ever had a near-death experience? How close have you come to dying?

When I was four I had real serious complication of appendicitis. I did a peritonitis. I didn't have the usual symptoms of appendicitis so...
Basically my appendix blew up, releasing pus. The pus started to attack my organs. I was operated on on emergency.
It was just a few hours before I died. I owe my life to a young intern doc who watched me all night despite having finished his shift and call the surgeon just on a gut feeling. Subsequently, I was on the operation table right away, it was really serious. Couple hours more and I was dying.

House & Cuddy complicated relationship. Backstory speculations and interrogations.
House and Cuddy always had a very long and complex relationship. I am not a shipper nor that relationship is my area of expertise. That being said, I like all the interactions that every character provides with other ones and currently re-watching the show since the beginning, I noticed that, despite some well known facts about their shared past, House & Cuddy relationship is so complex and complicated that it begs a lot of questions.

 Since they, now, after six seasons, decided to take their relationship to another level, I feel it is a good time to see what we really know about them, what hypothesis we can make based on those facts and what kind of conclusions we can draw, assuming that we can.
I propose to recapitulate, first what we do know about them and their past, then try to reconstruct their backstory and see what questions it begs and what mysteries there are left.

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Quartier des écrivains : Supersize me
Have you ever boycotted a company or product? If so, what was it, and what caused you to boycott it?

Mcdonalds and other fast foods. that's anything but food. it's freaking disgusting.

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